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I haven’t been able to step out for a run or to cycle this week due to laziness. My BMA had shocking and more importantly, surprising results. A bad result is expected when I have slacked off but if it comes as a surprise, there is a deeper problem.

The problem is that I need a break. It is also because am in Mumbai for 2 weeks at a stretch and that is going to mess with my mental equilibrium. At work, I want to spend time going through data and understand how things are done but most of the month is over and I haven’t been able to do half of what I was supposed to. I am not in the driver’s seat here. I am not in control.

I want to take the day off and do nothing but there are interviews lined up and I have to go to work. Leaving work early isn’t an option. Going late isn’t an option either (though am already very late and need to rush).

So, am taking a few minutes to step back and take control.

Problem 1 : I want a break

Solution : Weekend is almost here. Take the break. I am taking a vacation in the 1st week of November. I am going to Gurgaon for Diwali. It is just one more week which will fly off.

Problem 2 : I am not on top of things at work

Solution : Spend half an hour at work today planning what I want to do and schedule time for it. Step back, make a plan and follow it.

Problem 3 : BMA result was bad

Solution : I have cooked breakfast most days this week. I have eaten boiled eggs as a snack on most days. This is a major step forward. Dinner has been light and no junk was eaten as a snack. The only problem is lunch. There are 2 options – cook dalia khichdi on the weekend and store it in the fridge. Carry it to work for 2-3 days (I can eat the same thing everyday without issues) or cook idlis and have it with coconut chutney or have idlis at a restaurant close to office everyday since the lunch served in office is crap and I tend to overeat. Take control.

Gym has been ok. I need to wake up and go for a run. This will only happen when I make the month’s plan. Without a plan, I can say goodbye to ADHM.

Problem 4 : The house is a mess

Solution : It isn’t a complete mess. I just need to fold the clothes on the couch which will take a few minutes at night and change the bedsheet. Till I find a new maid, I will have to live in a slightly unclean house. There is no option to it.

Problem 5 : I don’t have time to read or watch favourite shows online

Solution : Get off twitter and use the commute time to read. I can’t do both. Go to the gym tomorrow morning so I can get a free evening. I can run late at night.

Is there any problem that doesn’t have a solution? I should think not.

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