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I don’t understand the concept of staycations. Why would anyone check into a hotel (no matter how posh) in the same city? I understand that it is difficult to relax and switch off while at home but I doubt the laundry basket wouldn’t give me nightmares few kilometers away in the same city. I took a staycation for the first time yesterday. We drove 3 hours away to a hotel where there was nothing to do. Vacations where you don’t venture outside the hotel is so not me. It is such a pretentious thing to do. But that is exactly what we did. We went to Neemrana Hill Fort at Kesroli- a small village near Alwar/Sariska. The village is so small that even the person at the toll hasn’t heard of it. I was there in December for an official leisure trip and wanted to go back with KC. My manager said the other day “I take it as a compliment when you visit the places where we go for office trips”.

We had planned to go for 26th Jan but it was booked out and V day sounded perfect. Every year on Valentine’s, since we started dating we have flown across the country to be with each other and since we have spent a lot of time living apart, we have done this a lot. I don’t know why it needs to change just because we live together now. KC wanted to leave a little late because of cricket but I put my foot down. I made the plan very much in advance and he wasn’t allowed to re-schedule it. Take it or leave it. Ok, it wasn’t that simple… there were tears and fights and flowers and what not. But it was worth it. I am back completely relaxed. Even the overflowing laundry basket and the messy house don’t bother me right now.

We left yesterday around 11 am, reached Kesroli at 1 pm and had awesome buffet lunch which had daal baatis. The daatis were soaked in ghee through and through. We played carrom which I lost badly. When I asked KC if there were any rules in carrom, he gave a dirty look. Then, we switched to Snakes and Ladders which requires zero skill and lots of luck and I lost that badly too. I think am done with any kind of games or sports. I have neither skill nor luck.

The afternoon was spent reading (me) and napping (KC). The absence of TV in the room was pretty great. The evening was spent having chai under the trees, watching Rajasthani folk dance with wine and coals in the angeethi followed by sumptuous dinner of chicken tandoori and laal maas.

We had planned to play badminton and cycle in the mustard fields but both of us were too lazy for any of it. The morning was spent at the spa and we headed home around noon.

Our room- Pitamber Mahal. Every room has a different name. There is a papiha mahal, Neelkanth (because it’s blue), Bulbul Mahal, Tota mahal and even Loo mahal.



That’s the view from our room. We could see the mustard fields, swimming pool and woke up to parrots cootchey cooing.


The seating around outside the room.


Poolside where we had our meals and watched folk dances at night.


Beautifully lit up at night


I finished reading 2 books (1.5- to be exact).


Some more reading.


I drove 3 hours while going to Kesroli. I love driving and road trips are my favourite. I would have loved to drive back as well but I want to read instead. So, I had to juggle between navigating on the GPS, playing music (I try and play the driver’s preferred music) and reading.


I don’t think I will ever do staycations within the city but I don’t mind short weekend breaks like these. They are perfect for the soul.


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