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I have been attending stand up comedy shows on a regular basis (atleast 1 a month) for months now. The cost is 500 bucks for entry at Manhattan (GCR- Gurgaon) and additional for food and drinks which is kind of expensive. It is the comedians who make it worth it though. But yes watching a bad show is very hard on the pocket. So here is a list of comedians whose shows I have attended and my views on the same. This is not an exhaustive list but I will keep updating it as and when I have more to add.

– Kenneth Sebastian: A mallu… with long hair… who gyms (I follow his blog and on twitter so I know)… can strum a guitar and sings really well… his Hindi is not too great though. I love.. love… love this guy. He is so cute, funny and when he brings out the guitar everyone is floored. He has this section where the audience has to give him random words anything… curse words… your favorite food… your gf’s name… anything and he will make a song out of them. I have attended 2 stand up shows (he used the same material in both) and 1 improv… and he is too good.

– Kanan Gill : Check out his ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ on youtube. That is his claim to fame… and the cute looks. Girls are crazy after him. I have attended 1 stand up and 1 improv show and its crazy how popular he is. The stand up comedy was not too great but not too bad either while the improv was amazing. Love him.

– Sahil Shah : This guy is hilarious. When he was on stage we laughed our guts out non stop. Very, very funny. And I love the bow ties he wears. Thats a nice touch. Though his youtube videos are very silly, he is quite funny on twitter.

– Neeti Palta : It took her time to get warmed up… nobody laughed at her jokes initially but after a few mins she was too good. Loved… loved her stand up comedy. Also, women comedians are very refreshing to watch. They can talk about women stuff which men generally don’t. She is probably one of the best women comedians around.

– Neville Shah : I had high expectations from this guy but the show was a let down. It wasn’t funny but more of a rant/crib session against everything. Not paying to watch him again

– Saurabh Pant : I was looking forward to his act but was sorely disappointed. In fact, I walked out mid way. Not funny enough

– Abish Mathew : I have only attended his improv show which was very, very good. Check out his youtube videos. Looking forward to attending his stand up in the future

– Amit Tandon : I don’t know why this guy is so popular specially in Delhi. He is someone who should be performing in Comedy Circus or local areas. Most of his act is in Hindi… and the jokes are well… not THAT great. Do not like him… at all

– Amit Khatri : An older married guy with kids. He is more polished than Amit Tandon and funny too. Not very, very funny but funny enough

– Karunesh Talwar : This guy is part of AIB crew and his stand up was quite good. Would love to watch him again

– Ashish Shakya : I had gone to Manhattan specifically to watch his act. Not enough at all. I was surprised since he is quite funny in AIB videos

– Vir Das : The King of stand up. He is NOT Russell Peters of India. Please people… he deserves more respect and recognition. And he is awesome. I watched his ‘History of India’ which was a balanced mix of history and wisecracks.

– Kaneez : She is not a stand up comedian (atleast I haven’t heard of her doing these shows) but into improvisations. She even conducts workshops for stand up comedians. Watched her at The Improvisers in Mumbai and she is superb.

Unfortunately, Delhi does not have kind of scene that Mumbai/Bangalore have when it comes to stand up. Sure, there is Manhattan and Epicenter but improv… sketches are missing. Hope that changes in the future.

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  1. Somehow, Its so nice to read reviews/opinios about something which you wouldnt know.
    To read about the stand up comedians is really nice because next time i can make up my mind whom to watch . 🙂
    Thank you !!

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