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We generally watch movies on Friday night… with both of us working late on Friday, we could not make a plan. On an impulse, we headed to the Mall to catch Speedy Singh. I was cranky ‘coz we had to skip dinner. I cannot operate when hungry and the food is so bad at the theatres. When the movie started Anupam Kher’s voice was dubbed… the Canadians were talking in accented Hindi. I was horrified… we had walked into the Hindi dubbed version. We left after 5 mins.

Yesterday, we went for the English version… so avoidable. The movie is a bad remake of Bend It Like Beckham. The story is the same… made worse by the whole Bollywoodish Punjabi tilt. For some reason, people in the theatre were giggling like crazy at the most mediocre dialogues. The whole paghadi Punjabi thing was pukish. I pity Anupam Kher who has to play such roles for the money.
Please avoid.

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