Sometimes things don’t change and that is a relief

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I am sitting at J’s house in Bangalore and waiting for her to finish her training session online. It has been hectic 2 days with meeting so many people. Wow, I actually have a happening life when in Banaglore and it has always been like this in the city. I will actually be relieved to be back home in 2 days and not want to leave the house.

I met S as well. J and S live 3-5 buildings apart. And it was like things have not changed. We were back to being 18 year olds heading back to the hostel from college either gossiping about people or looking for cheap food. I cannot believe that things can be like this. That time can NOT change relationships. That you can just pick up from where you left off. And that I can NOT get bored and talk non stop. Where did I find all the stuff to talk about? Why does it not happen when I meet people normally or when am at work?

Why has it taken us 10 years to meet?  J and I were in touch will 2009 and a disagreement later, we stopped communicating. We both were at fault but I didn’t know how to get back in touch since she didn’t want to stay in touch. While she was afraid I was pissed off and wouldn’t want to speak to her again. Time passed, life got busy, J dropped off social media and there was no way to get in touch. There were many times when I wished I could tell her something because nobody else would understand or know what I mean. But I couldn’t. Same for her. And then few months back, S made a WhatsApp group and added all of us. Well, sparks flew again between J and I and things haven’t been better.

So, what do people do when they meet up after 10 years?

  • They stalk the facebook profiles of all the people they dislike…. of their ex-boyfriends who now have paunches… and of their current partners…
  • They remember the lengths they went to for food as hostelites- even standing in a queue outside a temple which served free khichdi on Thursdays because the mess food sucked
  • They gossip about all the people they dislike and are happy they are not doing well
  • They remember the pani puri wala bhaiya who saved their lives on terrible-food-at-mess days and even asked once “Woh lambi wali ladki nahi aayi aaj?”
  • They laugh like they did… crack similar jokes with abandon and even hold each other’s hands while crossing the road…. just like they did 10 years back

Sometimes things don’t change and that is a relief.

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