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  • A pigeon has laid 2 eggs in my balcony. I am confused what to do- Should I shoo her away or let her stay? How do I shoo her away without hurting the eggs? If I let her stay will she bring up the baby pigeons in my balcony? So many questions… as long as she does not bother me I think she can stay. I could use some company.
  • I drove 2 kms in 30 minutes between Lower Parel (outside Phoenix Mills) and Dadar fly over… I am not that slow… the traffic was that killing
  • It is going to be a hectic week… travelling to South Mumbai everyday in the week is tiring… My friend was trying to convince me to move a little centrally but paying the exorbitant rents for tiny spaces is not worth it

Good night…. Xhausted!!!

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  1. In 22 months, I have seen 7 pairs of pigeon chics grow up, within 4 feet of my bed. They are noisy, stinky, weak and helpless. They always compelled me to behold the beauty of life. I cleaned the space after each flew out, yet I wished they build a nest and dirty it as much.

  2. It’s a shame that if you move the next the mother will abandon the eggs/chicks. If you are indifferent about the nest then I would suggest leaving it. It would be better for the little pigeon family if you waited until the chicks grew up in a few weeks and shooed them away then.

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