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I had an interesting evening yesterday. I have subscribed to Vellvette box. It is basically a beauty box like the ones available in USA, UK. You pay a minimum amount of Rs 399 in the 1st week of the month… the box with sample sizes (sometimes even full sizes) of prominent brands (Dior, Clarins, Dior, Benefit, Victoria’s Secret, Clinique etc) are sent in the 4th week of the month.
You can read more about it on my beauty blog here:

So, on Friday evening I received an invitation from Vellvette to attend a one houe skin care session by Clarins at Palladium Mall. I had to pay a refundable amount of Rs 500 and would be given free goodies from Clarins, Vellvette and food. Well, what did I have to lose? I went there. To cut the long story short, the session was awesome.
You can read more about it here:

As women (and some men), we take great care of our skin. We follow a daily routine and a weekly routine… and I realized that we may not be doing it correctly. I learned many new things and got a lot of clarity on what routine should be followed.

Few of my learnings:
– I cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin twice a day (morning and night) and yet my skin is dehydrated. Know why? ‘Coz I don’t use a scrub weekly. I did not know that. The Skin Advisor took one look at my skin and said it is dehydrated… due to which the acne marks take long to heal… the other marks take time to go away… my skin is so oily. All of this ‘coz I don’t scrub weekly. A scrub removes the dead skin and brings newer cells to the surface. This helps skin heal faster
– Always use a scrub after cleanser. I used to skip cleanser and go straight for scrub. The cleanser removes dirt and pollution and scrub removes dead cells
– Use a mask preferably after scrubbing. It is the best time for skin to absorb the goodness of the mask
– I learned the right way to remove eye make up- without tugging and pulling
– I learned the correct way to apply eye cream
– All products should be rubbed in the hands and brought to room temperature before using them- shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, toner, serum, eye cream etc.

I will be attending all future workshops organized by Vellvette.

I have started jogging. It is the best and most refreshing exercise. I generally jog/run for 30 mins the morning… the empty road (as empty as it can be at 6.30 am in Mumbai)… with music in my ears and my body running. I find cardio in the gym very, very boring… 20 mins on treadmill, 10 mins on cycle and 20 mins on cross trainer… Jogging is a much better replacement. In the evening I go to the gym for 30-45 mins for upper or lower body workout.

I miss Jazz. Should I join again? I don’t know… maybe I will look for other Jazz classes.

Living in Mumbai this time around is not as bad as the last time. The city sucks… it is the worst city in India and I would never want to settle here. But this time around I am staying in the same area as before so there are no surprises… and KC and me were prepared for the separation… last time it came as a shock. In new news… KC has shifted jobs in Gurgaon… he will not be moving to Mumbai. I am planning to move back next year. It is just a year of separation. We have not yet worked out details of how I will move back… but thats the plan.

Also, I have re-typed the food recipes (why are pics of posts prior to 2011 missing???) on my new blog

Yes… another blog. I have been writing new recipes… specially health related foods. I wanted to document it somewhere and decided to put it on a new blog.

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