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So many things …

– There was a play weekend arranged by HT/OLX etc few weeks back. Basically, Ashwin Gidwani’s famous plays were staged in Delhi during 2 days. These plays are staged very frequently in Mumbai but rarely outside. We watched ‘Scent of a Man’ and ‘History of India’. SOAM is very funny. Thats why I like plays… they are never bad. Unlike movies. But plays are expensive and it is so difficult to find reviews online so it becomes a gamble. HOI is actually Vir Das taking the audience through the history of India. I loved it… Vir Das is hilarious. And no… he is not the Russell Peters of India. Anyone who thinks that should get 1 tight slap. He is the Vir Das of India.

– We went to Manhattan few weeks back to watch 3 stand up comedians… 2 from Mumbai and 1 from Bangalore. I had watched some youtube videos and found them funny. But guess what, they were not funny on stage… the jokes were old and lame. And one of the guys actually repeated a joke. I mean, c’mon… if the joke is on youtube somebody has already heard it. I was disappointed and decided to skip last Thursday. But this Thursday, Kenneth Sebastian is back … and I am going to be there… with or without company.

– On 15th August, we went to Chandni Chowk. I wanted to eat non veg but KC wanted veg (more on this next)… so, we went to have some channa bhatura. Most of the shops were closed but we managed to find one open. The food was fine… I am not a big fan of channa. Raahgiri was organized there but it wasn’t as great or fun as the one in Gurgaon.

– Few days back KC declared that he is becoming vegetarian for ‘shravan’. I have heard the word but never asked what it means. Anything which makes me give up non veg is completely irrelevant to my life. I was pissed. How are you supposed to live with a vegetarian? Do you know how inconvenient it is? No eggs for b’fast… and no non veg when eating out. What are you supposed to eat at restaurants? Paneer? It wasn’t the vegetarianism that was an issue for me… it was the whole shravan thing. I was sure it was his mom who emotionally blackmailed him into this which is not fair because I don’t let my parents do that to me. And my parents are the masters of manipulation and emotional blackmail. They think the ends justify any means. Anyway, few days back I put my foot down. I do not want spend my life with someone who cannot eat eggs or who believes in stupid shit like ‘shravan’. I hope religion does not rear its ugly head in our relationship again.

– On Rakshabandhan we went to this cute cafe in Shahpur Jat called ‘Ivy and Bean’. The food was good and the place quite cute.




– I know today is Janmasthmi and everything but then again I don’t believe there was ever a Lord Krishna and all the Hindu texts (in fact, all religious texts) are a figment of someone’s over active imagination just like George R R Martin. What if generations later people believe ‘The Game of Thrones’ actually happened. I can image Tyrion as the Lord of Wine and Titties. Anyway, when (and if) I have a kid I will make sure to let him/her know that this is all fiction. So, enjoy festivals but do not get drawn into why they are celebrated. Enjoy lighting diyas and crackers on Diwali, enjoy the story behind it but please do not believe it to be true. I am sorry but any man who ill treats his wife cannot be a God. God just does not do that. And no… Gods don’t have multiple wives… because that is demeaning.

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  1. This is a trick question, isn’t it? Of course, I haven’t read the Gita. Why will I?
    I can already imagine the conversation/dispute we are going to have and so am going to shut it down right now.
    I know Ramayana because of the innumerable serials and movies.
    I know Mahabharata because of the serial and I had it as a s subject in Std 6… also, it is a super cool story… one that can beat GOT also
    I know the bible because I have studied in a convent.
    Apart/Beyond this I don’t know and don’t care to know.
    Topic/discussion ends. I will not approve any further comments on this.

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