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Hiya. I am just back from a 4 days trip to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Guntur. It was so hectic that I am ill today. I start feeling ill on the 4 hour flight from Vijaywada to Delhi. It had an hour’s stop over at Hyderabad. The AC and the awesome Andhra lunch made me pukish. I puked at the airport and then rushed home to puke some more. It is such a torture… when you want to puke your lungs out but have to wait till you reach home. The same thing happened when I was in Mumbai few years back. I puked in office loo and then left for home. Throughout the way I just wanted to stop the car and puke but could not. Horrible feeling. Last night, the cab’s printer stopped working… the can driver could not find a pen to make the bill. I finally threatened to puke in his car.

Anyway, I am feeling better today but going slow on the food.

I have been upto many things in the last month.

– KC and I went to the Annual Book Fair in Delhi last month. I have wanted to visit it for a very long time. My friend from Jaipur would travel down specially to visit it. The fair was good… a must visit for students. It is held at Pragati Maidan and has stalls of all book vendors. I found a good Nita Mehta book

– We watched a stand up comedy last weekend. There were no good movies and the tickets were cheap (200 bucks per head). The comedian was Raghav Mandava. The show was crap… the jokes were not funny… many people walked out. We were bored. I don’t understand why comedians abuse… I mean, an abuse in every sentence? We are not school kids who will giggle ‘coz someone said ***chuth and bitch and what not. Avoid. I liked Habitat Centre. Good place.

– The Andhra country side was quite good. Vijaywada is specially scenic. The drive from Hyderabad to Vijywada (4-5 hours) was very pleasant. I love Andhra food. It is so spicy. We went to a typical Andhra restaurant in Vijaywada. They served rice with 2-3 vegetables, daal and sambhar. I was flummoxed. How do I eat the vegetables? Then I saw my colleagues digging in and did the same… with a spoon, of course. The restaurants do not give spoons. You are supposed eat with hands. I felt like a snob for requesting for a spoon. That lunch did me in. I am not going to touch Andhra food for a long time.

So, thats it. I hate to be ill during the weekend. Hope I am strong enough for the gym tomorrow.

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