So many excuses for half glass of mild liquor

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I have been waiting for the right moment to celebrate with this.

*Basically, been waiting for the day when I have calories left over for this*

2 things which make me happy today :

  • Two 1 minute planks with a burpees break in between. I have never ever done 2 planks in a day except in the core class. In fact, I never manage to hold on for even 1 minute in class, don’t know why. But today I managed 2 planks- each for a minute. Yaaay. Thanks to Chandan- my fabulous trainer for core.
  • I am sort of happy with the results. I haven’t worked out as much as I should but I have tracked every food item on myfitnesspal. Next week will be quite tough because of the travel. Worse, the resort does not have a gym and if it rains (which it will) I won’t be able to run. Sigh. I need my willpower to get me through the week.



Ciao. I need to go back to being a sloth. My legs hurt so bad and I still have to pack and figure out how to run and strength train in the morning. I have 2 dinners planned for tomorrow night and both people told me “But, you don’t even eat”.

Sigh. All these first world problems are a bit much.

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