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I can hear traffic outside my hotel right but it is more silent than when am home. I am enjoying the silence. And here are some snippets from my life.

I was at the Oxford Book store killing some time before I had to meet a friend and I crossed the section with classics. I had already picked up ‘The Malgudi Omnibus’ which fell on the metro tracks when a guy hit my shoulder with his big bag. I was at a very, very interesting part of the book and have spent more than a week visiting bookstores in Mumbai/Delhi NCR or calling them to check if they have the book in stock. Anyway, I had no intention of buying anything else because I have enough books to last me 3 months. I picked up O Henry’s short stories and remembered a conversation in college where someone said how much of a task it was reading his books. I started flipping through the book wondering if reading it would be a task for me as well. And I saw this note.


I melted. I mean, c’mon. Who leaves notes in books anymore? And that too brand new books in bookstores? It’s like my very own message in a bottle in these times of social media. I wondered how heart broken this guy (this sounds like a guy. I can’t imagine a girl doing this) must have been to have written it and left it for someone else to find. It looks recent, don’t you think? He is sooooo right. You are always awesome on your own.


I just watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Delivery’. It is about 3 young and 1 old guy who decide to go on stage during an open mic and try their hand at stand up comedy. They take lessons, watch other stand up comedies and take weeks to prepare. I loved it so much that am wondering if I don’t I try something like this. What do you think? Should I go up on stage and make a fool out of myself? No harm trying it once, right?


Do you ever feel like you are spending your life trying to get high? By high, I don’t mean drugs. But, as you grow older and more experienced, it is difficult to feel exhilarated? And so you try everything you can to feel…. and sometimes, feeling anything is a struggle. Some people change jobs thinking things will be different in a more reputed company, others have kids, others write books…. it’s like, every day is spent in pursuit of feeling the highest highs. The good news is that if you don’t feel anything, you won’t even feel the lows and that’s a pretty good trade off.

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