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  • So, the cooking cylinder became empty…(when will I ever remember to book a 2nd cylinder?). The cook was in the middle of cooking dinner… Sindhi kadhi, rice and rotis. I cooked the kadhi and rice in the microwave. While going through the recipe book, I came across the one for making parathas in microwave. I didn’t want to eat rice for a week or order in. This sounded good.

          Me (to cook): Tomorrow morning, we will try to cook parathas in the microwave
          Cook: Ok… Thats how they do it in foreign also
          Me (stifling a smile) and thinking: Yeah… ‘coz in foreign they eat rotis

  • I was booking train tickets for Jaipur. After booking for the onward journey and while booking for the return journey, I realized I had written KC’s sex as “F” instead of “M”. I wondered if I should let it be… can always tell the TC it was a mistake while typing. But then I put KC in my shoes and thought about what my reaction would be to such a mistake. This is how it would have gone

          KC: Hey… By mistake, I typed you as M instead of F on the ticket

          Me: WTF… why would you do that? Like… are you such a MCP that you forget I am a female… do          you males even acknowledge females?
          KC: (almost laughing) It was a mistake
          Me: You will have to cancel them and re-book correctly. I don’t want to be “M”… I am F and proud   of it
          KC: Fine… whatever
I didn’t want to be in his shoes and decided to re-book correctly. 

  • Me: I think I lost 0.5 kg. Can you see it?

          KC: Not really… how can 0.5 kg loss be noticed?

          Me: It should be… its not fair… whats the point of losing weight if you can’t see it?
          KC: Then I guess you lost 0.25 kg on side of the butt and 0.25 kg on the other
          Me: How amusing

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  1. @ Anita: On the other hand, every 0.5 kg gain would become noticeable. If I start rewarding myself by shopping at Mango I will be in serious debt… 😛

    @ RT: Well, only Indians would do that… for anyone else roti is not part of their diet.

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