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Since KC and I started dating, we have skipped Diwali with family and travelled instead. The first time we lied to our families and gave the excuse of work to head to Goa. The next year, my parents asked me not to come at the last minute so KC cancelled his plans with family and we headed to Goa. That has become a tradition. Since we are going to Goa in Jan, it made no sense to visit in Nov. And with KC working on Friday (rolls eyes), we had only 2 days. He suggested we drive to Chandigarh. I didn’t care where we went as long as it was a road trip with me in the driver’s seat (only half the distance though. I don’t plan to chauffeur him).

All the people screaming “But there is nothing to do in Chandigarh”, pipe down. It isn’t about how many sightseeing spots a city has. Sometimes, you visit a place just to get a feel or vibe of the city and eat good food

On asking around I got to know that Kasauli is only 1.5-2 hrs away from Chandigarh and we decided to stay there with a stop for a few hrs at Chandigarh. The best part about travelling on Diwali is that tariffs are low, there is no traffic and tourists start arriving on the day after Diwali. It is the best time to travel.

The drive was butter smooth and we only stopped at Murthal for the parathas.

Tip- Don’t try the tawa paratha unless you like parathe wali galli types fried parathas. Stick to the tandoori ones.


We reached Kasauli in 8 hours (including the Murthal stop). This was our first time driving to a hill station and now we are confident enough to drive to Shimla/McLeodganj. A homestay had been booked which had the most awesome view of the valley. We, soon, discovered that there is nothing to do in Kasauli. No restaurants for good food, no sightseeing places (except for Sunset/Sunrise point), no markets to explore, no traffic and no pollution. Perfect!!! We spent the day walking to the sunset point, enjoying the chill in the mountains, gazing from our window at the view, watching TV, reading, sleeping. I don’t think this hill station gets many tourists because Shimla is close and the preferred destination. Hence, it is cleaner, greener, less commercial and more pristine.


It is the perfect place to do nothing. We didn’t have enough time to explore the trails but we will do that next time. Earlier, KC wanted to buy a holiday home in Shimla and now Kasauli is his preferred destination.


We stopped at Chandigarh for a visit to the Rock Garden and awesome lunch. Pal’s dhaba was closed so we went to Bhatia’s and it wasn’t bad. The Rock Garden is very interesting and worth a visit. Chandigarh is so awesome, filled with Haryana cops. Wow!!! They actually exist. I kept wondering if I don’t see any of them in Gurgaon.



The trip cost us less than 5k+petrol cost. The hotels in Kasauli are not expensive and have a good view. Leaving you with a few pics.





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