Singapore Day 1

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This is my 2nd time in the island city-state. I visited in 2004 (I think), it was a holiday with family and organised by a travel agent. Then, I had no knowledge or interest in which tourist attractions we visit and what we do. I went along with whatever my parents decided.

Yeah, there was a time in my life when I wasn’t a control freak and did as told

We landed at 4 am (IST) and have just reached back home. We are staying very close to Orchard road at a place booked through air bnb. Our check in was at 12 noon (Singapore time) and we had to kill 3 hours at a coffee shop in the morning. The mall with 5 floors boggled my mind and I can’t wait to explore every mall on Orchard road.

We spent the day at Singapore Zoo and night safari. I was told one needs 3-4 hours at Singapore zoo but we managed to do it in 2 hours. Of course, it involved strategy and planning (my MBA degree is very handy). The zoo is amazing. It has white tigers, polar bear, sea lion, leopard, giraffe, zebras, puma, orangutan, anaconda, white lions, lions, pink flamingoes, sloth bear etc etc etc. The night safari is a guided tour in the tram where all these animals are given food under the light (street light) so people can see them clearly. I love how much effort has been put to rehabilitate animals and take care of them. It is an open zoo unlike the ones in India. You can even get off the tram during the night safari and explore the trails on foot. You can spend a whole day in the zoo and watch animals being fed. How cool is that.

Things I love about Singapore till now

  1. It is so green and the trees are so tall
  2. People are friendly. I guess it is an Asian thing
  3. People are well dressed. It gladdens my heart to come across people who make an effort into their dressing
  4. Everything is so convenient. Immigration took 2 mins, there are mints placed at the desk for everyone, the doors open automatically, the loo flushes automatically, the garbage bin has a sensor so you don’t have to touch it for it to open, there is a feedback screen in the loo which is also sanitised because one can never be too careful about germs. I, literally, don’t have to touch anything.

I plan to go for a run tomorrow and a running group acquaintance has tagged me on the 22 push ups challenge. I may take that up. Ciao. I will post pics once am home next week.

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