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Do people ever disappoint you?

Please don’t say “Duh. Of course. Everyone disappoints”.

I, sometimes, wonder at what point do people go from “I want to live my life my way” to “Well, if it is a tradition and has been done for years; it can’t be all wrong”?

I am not going to rant about the usual here, don’t worry. I am just so disappointed and I have no reason to be.

When I see “tradition”, my brain goes “avoid” and I hope that never changes.

My generation has been a major douche bag. It has people who believe in religion, go for arranged marriage, study engineering/medicine followed by MBA. Sometimes they try to break the mould by quitting the usual and writing really bad chick lit books but more or less, our lives are identical.

I lost my chain of thought and don’t remember what I was trying to say

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