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Hiya. This week has not been too good. The struggle keeps getting harder and harder coupled with my lower motivation levels. I come home everyday frustrated and do not like it. I have been exhausted and have not visited the gym entire week. Also, stress makes me over eat and shop. Not good for my health or pocket.

I need to de-stress but next week is going to be very hectic.
One thing I learned in B-School was that people can take credit for your work. Most of our projects were group work and it was very common for someone to not be involved in it but take credit for it. Of course, blame was never distributed. I am extremely careful in my professional life about this… I try to pass on the credit to my team and do not let anyone take credit for it.
Say for example, you send a mail with some pics of good work done by you. You send it across to someone senior to you. There is a possibility that this person may remove your mail and forward the same stuff with her/his name to his/her seniors. Happens all the time. I always make it a point to CC a third person so that its harder for someone to take the credit. Any yet, it happens… all the time.
Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Yeah…. just want to sigh. The thought of all the work makes me want to go under the covers and sleep through the week…
Sigh!!! The gas cylinder is empty which means I will have to beg the guy to give me another one asap. HP sucks… they torture you before sending the cylinder.
KC and I complete 3 years as a married couple on 18th April’12. Its a wonder we even remember the date. And we are still wondering how to celebrate it. We might go for a celebratory dinner but both have been too busy and lazy to scout for good celebration places.
Sigh.. Sigh… Sigh… I think I will write more when I am in a better mood.
Btw, just came across the website It sells cosmetics, personal care products etc online. It has good discounts on some products but the best part is how fast they deliver. They deliver the very next day. Also, they have imported brands like NYX. I have purchased NYX from international websites and the delivery time was almost a month plus I had to pay shipping. There is no shipping charge on for more than Rs 300.

5 thoughts on “Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

  1. I have been reading your blog for some time now, just because you write well; no nothing more about you. Still it is a pleasant surprise to know that our marriage anniversaries are same and also the day, as we will also have our third year completed on 18th April’12.


  2. @ RT: I can’t believe you are surprised by this… of course, I will recommend shopping… even if I am criticizing it. 😛

    @ Mahes: Wow… the coincidence is not the date… after all, there are few wedding dates available in a year. The coincidence is the year of the wedding. 🙂

    @ Anita: I hope so too.

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