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Wow!!! I didn’t know health insurance was such a scam… Wow!!! A very very very revealing documentary about the health insurance industry in USA… another one by Michael Moore.

Everyone should watch it.
Some things I didn’t know:
  • You don’t have to pay for medicine, doctors, medical treatment etc in Canada, France, Britain, Cuba etc. You just walk in and get treated… you will be laughed at if you ask for a bill or pay… everything is taken care of by the government
  • In France it is compulsory for companies to give employees 5 weeks of paid holiday… one more week can be added for weddings and stuff. Medical leave is unlimited- assumption is that nobody can work when they are ill
  • In France a maid comes home twice a week for 4 hours each to give time off to the mother of a newborn… the maid is arranged by the govt
  • The day care centers cost only a dollar per hour… they are safe and good. It gives parents some time off

This is like a dream come true… such things are unimaginable in India… and even USA. We are so busy working… earning… but what about a life? I have not heard any company talking about a work life balance. In Sydney, all shops close at 6 pm. Not kidding… after all, even shop owners deserve a work life balance. Which means… after 6 pm it is relaxation time.

We place premium on all the wrong things in life.

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