Shrek Forever After

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After waiting for a week I found company to watch this flick… I managed to do it today. I had been looking for the torrent all week but they were all fake.

It is once of the few movies whose sequels are as great as the original one.
Shrek is a class apart… better than any animated movie. And the inclusion of fairy tale characters like Rumpelstintskin, Pied Piper etc is fun.
Loved this one… anyone have links for the torrent?

5 thoughts on “Shrek Forever After

  1. They must have changed the location…go to (this is the Big Daddy of all torrent sites)…type in ‘Shrek Forever Lost’…you will get links to the movie from different torrent sites like piratebay, l33t etc…click on the link to the respective torrent site, download the torrent & feed it into a torrent client like Bittorrent..I have already downloaded it from the same link so it is working..

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