Short story 1

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“Mom, that is ridiculous. Nitin has a good career ahead of him. He and his parents are not after our money”, Shanaiya screamed, nearly in tears.

“You don’t know anything. Let us handle it. We can line up such good guys for you – rich, good looking, same caste as ours. I don’t understand what you see in Nitin. His family and ours will never gel. There is no way we will approve of the wedding. You will have to go ahead without us. But please remember, this is where it ends. You might as well think of us as dead if you marry him”.

Shanaiya and Nitin met on an office trip and had started dating soon after. Nitin was doing quite well for himself and on the way to being the youngest VP in the company. His parents weren’t exactly warm towards Shanaiya since their backgrounds were very, very different but it didn’t matter. They had no plans of living with his parents. Her parents’ introduction with his had not gone well at all, to put it mildly. There had been daily exchanges of accusations between both sides. Maya, Shanaiya’s mom, was afraid Nitin wanted to marry her for the money and dowry because his family wasn’t as well off. While Shanaiya couldn’t believe her high society parents, who donated to so many charities, could be so uncharitable. She was determined to marry Nitin, with or without their approval.

Shanaiya burst into tears and left the house with her bags. She didn’t realize this would truly be the last time she visits the house which has been home since she was born. Maybe she would have looked back atleast once.

3 months later

Shanaiya was lurking at the door of the fast moving train. She had never done that, travel on a train and stand at the door. Her business class, Prada totting, background didn’t allow it. Nitin and she were finally taking a break. They got married 1 month back in a court in Nitin’s family’s presence. They met up their close friends for a celebration at a local pub soon after. Her parents refused to attend. In fact, they had not answered any of her calls since that day. She might as well be dead for them. Which is strange because if they were right and Nitin was after dowry, wouldn’t they want to check up on her? “If something goes wrong, I have nobody to turn to. Nobody would even know”. She pushed all the sad thoughts out of her head and wiped the lone tear away. She was so happy they were going on vacation. Last one month had not been easy. Nitin had changed a little. He was more subdued but work had been hectic and living with another person isn’t easy. The last few months had been emotionally draining and they come so close to giving up. “I know I made the right choice. Mom and dad will come around”, Shanaiya thought happily.

She felt Nitin’s shoulder against her head and leaned back. This felt so right and comforting and made everything worth it.

Suddenly, she felt a strong push and went flying out of the open door into the water below. She was too shocked to scream and her face reflected the horror and betrayal.

“Good riddance. By the time your parents find out, I will receive your insurance money. This isn’t how I wanted to end things but I need the money- one way or another. Your parents’ refusal for dowry left me with no other option, darling”

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  1. Nice Start, keep them coming.
    You let the mother be right. How I wish you had added some clue/proof her mom got to claim what exactly he turned out.


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