Shopping… with men or women???

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Some differences between shopping with men and women:

  • Women treat shopping as a relaxation technique… men treat it as a chore.
  • A woman will be excited as soon as she enters a shop… a man will turn glumer and glumer as he nears the shops
  • Women will pick up every outfit that looks appealing, try them all on and then decide which one to buy. Sometimes the best looking outfit may not look as good… a lady may either heave a sigh of relief at the thought of money saved by not buying it… or feel disappointed and blame her body. A man picks up an outfit only if he really likes it and is sure about buying it… he will try it on and buy it. So simple and straight forward.
  • A woman will look at ten other things- shoes, bags, cosmetics etc even if she has no intention of buying it… a man will only visit that section which stock his preferences.
  • A woman needs to know the partner’s opinion on her trials— does it look ok? does her butt look too big? does she look fat? can she wear it on so-and-so occasion? All a man needs to know is should he buy it or not?

What do you prefer.. shopping with men or women???

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