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So, Delhi is the shopping capital. It is miles ahead of Mumbai or any other city… and here is why:

  • Sarojini Nagar- I have already done a post on it. It is amazing… Linking road, Mumbai does not even come close. I am going to make another trip soon… very soon.
  • Janpath: Visited this place today. Apart from western stuff, it has a lot of Indian wear… handicrafts, shawls, jutis etc. Also, it is more conveniently located. I bought quite a few clothes- Zara top (which does not fit too well but thats a chance I don’t mind taking for 200 bucks), A purple jumpsuit, White kurti (to go with my Phulkari dupatta), Indian top (fits so well), Zara sleeveless long bolero, linen pants (white fit so well), loads of earrings. Each of these things cost me around 200 bucks each.
  • Forever 21: If you have been here, you know what I mean. If you not, I pity you. Here’s why:
  • Always has a new collection. I visit it 1-2 times in a month and they always have new stuff
  • They always have something new and cute. I bought these amazing, various colored sports bra for 250 bucks. Really cool. Last time, I bought cute polka dotted pink shorts for 450 bucks
  • They always have new trends- pastels, lace, neons etc. No other outlet has similar stuff.
  • Quite affordable. Prices begin at around 1000 bucks which is very decent.
  • Amazing jewellery. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself
  • Zara, Mango, Aldo, Body Shop, Mac, Inglot, Colorbar, Pramod: Whew… and the list goes on and on
Apart from this, there are 2 more shops I love to visit:
  • Max: Yep, you heard me right. I always find something good and cheap. And I always buy my night shirts from here. Where else will I get them for less than 400 bucks?
  • Globus: I have been to the B’glore (which has closed down now), South Ex, Thane, Bandra and Noida outlets. I think Thane has the best stuff. No kidding. It is better than Bandra outlet. I have bought so many dresses at affordable rates. Just the other day I wore a black and white dress to office after months… and a stranger in my building complimented me. That never really happens to me.


Even if I move out of here, I will visit regularly just to shop.


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