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Yesterday I went to Sarojini Nagar for shopping. KC was working and I am taking balance leaves before they lapse. I have been searching online for posts on where and what to shop… but except for one or two posts, could not find anything helpful. Few months back, I had gone to Sarojini but it was a winter evening. I could not find much stuff and returned with 2 tube tops and 1 purse.

The nearest station to Sarojini is INA. Get off at INA, take an auto.. you will be charged Rs 30. I didn’t try to negotiate. It takes 5 mins by auto. When you reach the market, just start walking till something catches your eye. Things will come gradually. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see something you like immediately. There are many, many inner lanes where you will come across good stuff. Some highlights:
  • Negotiate. Start with 50% of the rate quoted. Always. If shopkeeper does not relent, start walking away. Always works.
  • The good part about this market, unlike Bandra or Lokhandwala, is that you won’t find common stuff everywhere (except for 3-4 pieces). I remember shopping at Lokhandwala… every shop had the same stuff. Invariably, people would end up buying the same stuff
  • Sarojini is a fashion paradise. You will find stuff not available in malls and premium brands. No kidding.
  • For footwear, go to Stellatos, Soft and Sleek- or one of the shops. They have fixed price but the range is huge.
  • You will find everything here- purses, shoes, lingerie, tops, bottoms, jewellery
  • All clothes cost less than Rs 300- after bargaining
  • You will find all kinds of brands here- Zara, Gap, Marks and Spencers, UCB, Diesel etc. They are mostly genuine and factory rejects.
Here are pics of my loot:

Purses- bought from Stellatos… price- Rs 500-600 each. I am horrible with purses. Whether it cost Rs 1800, Rs 1000 or Rs 200; they never last ‘coz of my rough usage. Just like my watches… I have decided to stick to cheap purses. SN has a huge variety of purses in all colours… I bought a large purse and a sling purse.

My favorite part of the shopping. I wanted to stock up on all possible colors… for the spring. There is a pair in dark pink, light pink, blue, yellow, white and green. Most of them are wedges… with jute at the bottom. Love all of them. Purchased them from Soft and Sleek and Stellatos. Price range- Rs 600-700. In a mall, these would not cost me less than Rs 1500.

Love this top. It has a sexy back. I can wear it as a dress with a belt or add leggings.

Wanted a bolero for a long time but did not want to spend money. Cost- around Rs 150.
Sexy sexy lace. Was surprised to find it. Would have cost me 2k in a mall.

Tunis/Shirt- Can be worn with or without leggings… maybe with a belt.
Halter top. Cost- less than Rs 150.
Another favorite. Lace is in. Can be worn as a kurta or dress- with or without leggings.

A skirt, I should have bought this for winter. Nevertheless, have seen shorts like these in Promod but could not afford them.
Best time to buy shorts.

Happy Shopping. Looking forward to my next trip here.

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