Shopping Ban!!!

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I just settled by cupboard and de-cluttered and well, I have too much of everything. There are clothes I have not worn even once and others I am wearing for 3 years and more but do not have the heart to discard. They will continue till they are not in tatters. There are shoes I have not worn once and others that are threadbare and will create major embarrassment at work if someone notices too closely.

So, to rationalize- starting tomorrow I am on a shopping ban. I am not defining a time line. Lets see how long it lasts.
The ban includes below:
– Clothes
– Cosmetics
– Personal care (unless I run out of something)
– Chocolates (Just like that)

Things I can buy:
– Groceries
– Food
– Liquor
– Anything needed at home
– Anything I run out of or need desperately (like underwear)

I need to find new things to do over the weekend. Maybe cooking???

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