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This post has been long due and KC beat me to it. We went to Shimla last weekend and it was great. Initial plan was to go to Mcleodganj and Dharamsala and I was looking forward to it. I have visited Shimla as a kid and don’t remember much about it. KC was insistent on Shimla and we made the bookings.

We took the overnight volvo from Himachal Bhawan at Mandi House. I freaked out when they distributed puke bags on the bus. I hate hill station journey. I spent 7 years of my schooling in a hill station but the journey few times in the year always got to me. Surprisingly, the journey was very comfortable. We reached Shimla at 7 am and the hotel cab picked us up. It was quite chilly. I had not expected cold weather and had packed light woollen. The hotel was British Resort located few minutes away from the mall road. It is located on a steep inclined road… very difficult to approach. But, the hotel had free pick up and drop service. The room was quite nice.. so were the surroundings. We could hear the birds chirping outside… That is the view from the room.


After a short nap, we took the cab to Army museum. It is also called Annadale and has a cricket ground behind it. Awesome.

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The next stop was the Viceroy Lodge where the Shimla agreement was signed. It is now an Institute for Advanced Studies (post PhD).


We decided to go for lunch to Cecil at Oberoi Hotel. They looked at our appearance (casuals) and told us the restaurant is closed. Since KC and I don’t have any interest in temples, we skipped those. There are 3-4 temples in and around Shimla. We then headed to Mall road for lunch and shopping. One memorable place was the ‘Wake and Bake Cafe’. It is a tiny cafe, very tastefully decorated and serving awesome hot chocolate, pizzas and carrot cake.

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We spent hours on the mall road. There is an old renovated theatre which is worth a visit. Shopping was not too great. The winter wear was strictly ok. We headed back to the hotel in the evening for dinner and I was asleep by 9.30 pm.

Next day, KC had a stomach upset. We cancelled sight seeing plans. Anyway, we had covered most of it. We lazed around at the hotel and then went for a stroll on the mall road. At night, we packed our bags and waited for the private volvo. It did not turn up. At 10.30 pm, they informed us that the bus had broken down. At 11 pm, they arranged for a non AC tempo traveller. We decided to book a cab instead. To keep the long story short, it was a horrible journey and a scarring experience. We reached Gurgaon in one piece at 7 am exhausted, hungry, broke and pissed off. I am still following up with for the refund. Worst customer service by the way!!!

Some tips about Shimla trip:

– Book only Himachal travels volvo. They depart and arrive on time. Don’t even think about booking private travels

– Stay in a hotel away from the mall road… somewhere quieter where you can enjoy nature

– Everyone says Shimla is commercialized. I found it very beautiful, green… with tiny streets. Mall road is crowded and commercial… not the rest of the city

– Carry woollens even in summers

– You need 1-1.5 days for sightseeing. If planning more days, you can cover surrounding areas like Chail, Kufri etc

– Shops are closed at the Mall road on Sunday. Plan accordingly

I will leave you with a few pictures.

WP_20131019_002 WP_20131019_006 WP_20131019_012 WP_20131020_008 WP_20131020_013

Despite the unfortunate end, I really enjoyed the trip. Worth a visit… maybe two or three… or maybe more.

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  1. Hi Bulbul,
    Love love your blogs.
    I am also getting in to a great fitness routine and your blog is a motivator.
    Good Job on everything u do fem work, to workouts to managing home.
    I have one question or more like if u can give suggestion, how do u make ur dinners light? like can u give me few options on lunch and dinner . i am a vegetarian. So i usually have roti or rice but i am also int o running n weight.similar like you. Can u please help me with your suggestions.Thanks and looking fwd to lot more of runs.

    Regards with good wishes

  2. Hey Shweta, it is so nice to know that you are enjoying the blog. Keeping dinner light takes an effort initially since for a lot of working people it is the only meal eaten with the family and at leisure. Earlier my dinner was the heaviest meal but over time I have changed that.
    For dinner I generally have b’fast items- uttapam, oats uttapam, upma, oats upma, idli sambhar, moong chilla, corn oats upma, stir fried veggies, vegetable dalia etc. There was a time when I used have only soup for dinner but since now my workouts are more strenuous I do eat dinner.
    You can check out my other blog for healthy recipes.

  3. Dear Bulbul,
    Thanks a lot for your reply!. Woww….all the items above sounds so healthy n seems like i make them pretty much often…okay sounds like a good option to make in dinner as well. Infact i love dali a, usually at time i do rice items for dinner but don’t know if that is good if u workout in the evening or not since i workout in evenings. Now i read most of your blogs of fitness and u r doing fab keep it up and m on it as well..:)
    When u say u workout two times a day, can u suggest me some of ur daily workout routine? These days i am just taking a break from work changing jobs so i have just home related stuff to do cook and all, i want to utilize this time to get back in shape and routine and more to loose the inches. Will truly appreciate your response and take it as motivation and give u updates on my progress..:)
    Lovely Regards and a good day!

  4. Hey… I am working out twice a day because I have started swimming. With running, Jazz and gym also important I have no other option but to work out twice a day. Also, the pool will be open till Sept only so after that I will work out only once a day.
    This is what my schedule looks like.
    Monday: Morning- Swim, Evening- Gym- upper body
    Tuesday: Morning: run, Evening- Gym- sides and abs
    Wednesday: Morning: Swim, Evening- Jazz
    Thursday: Morning: Swim, Evening- Gym- lower body
    Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Morning: Swim, Evening- Jazz
    Sunday: Long run (14-15 km)
    I am a rice lover but it has a lot of carbs. I did not want to believe it but through trial and error know that rice is not very good for weight loss. Now, I eat it only 2-3 times a week for lunch… and never for dinner.
    For the last month, I have started drinking whey protein after my workout. It fills me up. I have not yet checked if it has helped gain protein (muscle) weight. If it does, I will definitely do a post on it this weekend. 30-60 mins after the whey, I have my dinner. Sometimes it gets late- like 9 pm but I don’t have an option.
    Earlier I used to have a smoothie after work (around 6 pm) and before my workout since I get very hungry around that time (recipes on the blog) which was very filling.
    Just pick a cardio activity you enjoy- swimming/running/dancing and add strength training to the routine and you are good to go. But, diet is 60-70% of the weight loss so eating right is more important.
    Hope that helps… For me also it is trial and error.

  5. Bulbul, love u and ur reply….yea i am into rear weight training and have run a lot of races…but since 5-6 months things are stagnant…but am trying to pick up now and getting motivation. Your posts came like treat to me….hmm on the rice thing…since i am rite now trying to loose the abb fat becas yaar i gain lot of fat on my tummy so need to do sumting about it…well ur dinner options sounds very good. Hey on the whey protein, i take it regularly since 2.5 years and t is very very good source of easily digestible and absorbable protein. So keep it up. Surely u will benefit. I have started running on treadmill but now i m going to take it to the park trail so i can gain max benefits. BTW , i just made vege dali a chichi..;)

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