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This is what has already been done:

– Unpacking… except for KC’s 1 backpack (KC, hope you are reading this)

– Found a maid … my old one.

– Found a cook… KC’s regular cook. The problem is her excessive use of oil for cooking and gossiping skills. Hate it when cook and maid get together and gossip.

– All electrical appliances

– Gas connection. Bharat Gas is super good. I transferred my connection from Mumbai and got a cylinder the very next day. The staff was also quick. Unlike, HP whose Gurgaon centre (Manjit Gas agency) sucks… and their staff is very rude.

– Internet connection… the first thing I install in any house. I harassed the executive till 9 pm ‘coz he delayed activation. I transferred my Tikona connection from Mumbai… very happy with the service and speed.

– Groceries. Check. Need to buy veggies…

– Cable connection. Got it done today. Got Tata Sky ‘coz our local cable took 3 days to turn up. The executive called me within 1 hour of my call to the customer care. This time I went for Cash on Delivery instead of paying in advance.

– Newspaper. Got it done today.

– New contact no. Got a personal number. Will get the official number once I join work

Things pending:

– Washing clothes. We bought the clothes rack yesterday and there are piles of clothes for washing. It will take me 2 days to get through them.. mainly ‘coz there is limited drying space. I can wash the next lot once this one dries. Thank god for the sunny, hot weather

– Curtains. Need to put up curtains in all rooms… need them desperately to keep out the heat specially in our bedroom

– Parking. Need to get parking for the car in the building. Will do this today. 5 mins work

– Clear clutter. The maid will clear this tomorrow

– Clean couch. Need to vacuum it tomorrow.

– Salon. Need to desperately visit the salon for a mani pedi and face clean up. I am hating my nails right now.


I had planned to start my diet and workout from today but I don’t feel upto it. I am just so exhausted. I need to rest a little and maybe start from Sunday.

I will join work from Thursday. Thank god, I have 3 days to unwind.



2 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. I am shifting next week. Not countries, but only the locality and I feel so much pressure already. Baby things are the most difficult lot to manage.
    But glad you are back to NCR. Atleast there is some hope that we could meet up.

  2. Shifting is a pain… it is worse for you since you have a job and a kid. I am sure the new place is worth it.
    It will be great to meet you next time you are here.

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