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I had been looking forward to this movie… it is Anurag Kashyap with a movie on youngsters, drugs, violence etc. I had Dev D at the back of my mind.

All the reviews – online and on twitter raved about the flick. I was happy that after a long time I will watch a good movie.
Where do I begin? The movie is not good… first half is watchable, the 2nd half just does not make enough sense. You can watch it… you won’t get bored… but you will come out wondering what the hype was all about… what was the movie about?
Spoilers ahead:
4 friends (all newcomers) meet Kalki (a disturbed teenager in need of therapy) and become a gang… they booze, dope, race in cars, bunk college and do crazy things. They are all from rich families. While racing one night they hurt 2 people. Instead of helping them out or moving them aside, they drive the car over them again and they die. A cop figures out what they have done and demands 25 lakh for destroying evidence. Kalki suggested that the rest kidnap her and demand ransom from her dad. The details were not worked out… so everything goes haywire. They fight, kill and hurt each other.
The actors are good…. all of them. Nobody hammed or over performed.
You can give it a miss.

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