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Some things you would know about me only if you have been my room-mate

  • I sleep with soft toys. I think it started in college… yes, it is supposed to start when in school and end in college but… we are talking about me. Expect the unexpected. I gave up the habit in Rajkot ‘coz it was not possible to carry a soft toy while travelling. Now I sleep with the dolphin I picked up in Australia… and KC is always trying to damage it. Men are just so destructive
  • I am particular about how things are arranged. Shifting the face wash in the shelf for shampoo will un-nerve me… I am quite organized. Thankfully KC is not too particular and manages not to mess up my stuff
  • In my room I can sleep only on the left side. It started off coz of convenience. The lights are on the left side but now it is a habit.

Thats about it.. there is nothing else weird about me.

The laptop is not yet back… I so so so regret buying Lenovo. I think I will head to, write a scathing review and save others from the mistake.

KC and I bought an AC this weekend. It was harrowing… so many brands, such a tight budget, so many prices. I have survived Gurgaon summers and was prepared to survive Mumbai as well without an AC… but it is too hot. The outlets have good EMI schemes… no interest. That is so convenient. I might buy a new laptop after a few months. Anyone here who wants to buy my current one?

The installation of the AC was a nightmare… the pipes with the AC were too short, the guys charged me 3500 for installation+cost of pipes. What a scam. Which house comes with space for AC? How can companies provide such short pipes and there is no 3 pin plug or batteries for the remote. I almost regretted buying the AC.

Kasab’s trial is over. Intially I was sceptical about it. Isn’t it better to just hang these terrorists instead of an expensive farce of a trial? USA did it to Saddam… and got away with it. They even leaked the video of his hanging which was a shame. But now I am proud. Which other country can boast of a fair trial to even the terrorist? A true democracy.

But then again, how many common, normal Indians boast of a fair trial?

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