SCMM – What I liked and what I hated

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Likes :

  • The route. We ran along the sea 90% of the time.
  • Soboites and their enthusiasm. They were present throughout the route and cheered for us till the end.
  • Cheerleaders. I saw bands playing music on the way, dance groups performing, the navy had their own band, NGOs. Everytime I slowed down, these cheers pushed me ahead
  • Senior runners finished their run, came to the finish line and cheered for the rest of us. That takes a different level of motivation. Someday am going to do that.
  • The weather. It was fabulous. I didn’t feel hot at all.
  • I didn’t come across even one runner who fainted on the way. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it were the medical supplies.

Dislikes :

  • No tee shirt. I proudly wore my ADHM tee shirt and represented Delhi
  • Arrangements
    • We had to walk 1.5 km to the holding area because of traffic on the narrow road.
    • The loos were at 11 km from the start line. They should be at every few km. And they were dirty. More loos = more hygiene
    • I found electral at the 11 km mark. I needed it at 7 km mark.
    • The refreshments counter was in the middle of Azad Maidan. After running 21.1 km, we had to walk another kilometer to get to food. And there was no water around.
    • The shortcut to CST was closed. I walked another 2 km to get to the station.
    • At ADHM, you exit the holding area after the run and reach the main road or metro station. No such luck in Mumbai. No cabs on the roads and station was far away.
    • The photographers at the finish line were replaced with video cameras. SCMM has sent us videos of us running to the finish line but I don’t have even one clear photograph. So disappointing.

Hopefully, Procam (the organizing committee) works on these next year so we are not inconvenienced.

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