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I ran my last 10 km today before SCMM (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon). I wasn’t supposed to run a long distance this week but my Nike Pegasus had a tiny hole in them after the last 21 km. I abhor running shoes shopping because I still have no clue which ones are good. Instead of going shop to shop getting confused again, I went and picked up Adidas Boston Boost because I know full marathoners who run in those.

Brands- it’s as simple as that. We don’t ask a cricketer about what he wears, we ask senior runners around us. Maybe, you should make ads with them instead of celebs.

I asked S on instagram if I can run in my new shoes. I had been running in them for 2 weeks and the longest distance was 8 km. I felt fine but wanted advice for someone experienced. She asked me to run a 10 km and if I feel fine to go ahead and run 21.097 km on 17th Jan at SCMM.


I was ill on Saturday and spent most of Sunday lazing around at home. The running group am part of, decided to meet at 6.10 am (yeah, every 5 mins make a difference in the morning) today and I managed to get the run done. The shoes feel fine. I am still taking a risk but running in shoes with a hole is a risk too. Serves me right for not replacing my shoes after 500 km.

With that, am now SCMM ready. Oh, and I still don’t know what to wear. I will decide when am packing.

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