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The Diwali diyas… at home it was my duty to light the diyas and place them in every room… every balcony… I like doing it even now. Since we are not home for Diwali, I didn’t think about doing it. But seeing lights in every house, have decided to do today and tomorrow. Also, there are no candles or match sticks but I had enough of the perfumed diyas. We also had a Diwali Mela in the society… we indulged in kachori, bhel, chicken seekh kabab and ice cream. Fun.

There were Diwali celebrations in office on Saturday. I skipped the Puja… prefer work to Puja, anyday…. participated in the Rangoli competition… above is our team Rangoli… pretty decent considering none of us had any idea how to go about it. My bro and I used to make Rangolis at home for Diwali but being creatively challenged, we used the design stencils.
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