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When I moved into my building I wondered how I would pay the bills. Weekdays are busy at work, saturdays are not off and nothing is open on Sunday. How is a working woman living alone supposed to pay her bills?

Thankfully, the watchmen are very helpful. They pay the bills on a service charge of Rs 20 every month.
I was fiddling with the laptop and found websites of MSEDC and MTNL for electricity and phone bill payments. I will save Rs 20 every month which equals Rs 240 per year. Yoohoo!!!
I like it when technology makes life easy and convenient.
When the laptop was not around I was btd (bored to death). Dinner was done by 9 pm and I wondered what to do next. There was never anything on tv. I would call KC; “It is 9 pm… what do I do now? I can’t sleep so early… what do I do?”
The day I got the laptop Lenovo people called;
Her: Hi.. The problem you had with the laptop has been rectified now
Me: I know that. Where were you all this time when I was trying to get in touch? Now you call me???
Sigh… thats what customer service is like in India.
Btw… check out for old tv serials like Malgudi days, Hip hip hurray, Mahabharata, Ramayan etc. If you have a broadband connection you can view them online. I wish I could download the videos.

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