Saturday night

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Hiya. Saturday was extremely busy. I was part of a video being shot in office. It was weird… stand here… look here… smile… walk… etc etc. It dragged on for2.5 hours. Not a lot of fun staying in office till 6.30 pm. After that there was a distributor’s wedding to attend. I am not into weddings and generally avoid attending them… but some things have to be done for the show. KC returned home from his gaming session at 9 pm. We rushed to Thane, gave the gift, ate some dinner. I was in the mood to relive some memories and we went to the old house I used to stay when we were dating… in Oct’07-Jan’08. It is near Hiranandani Meadows… a very peaceful area… there are nice places to hang out. We have spent a lot of time there… either in the restaurants or just walking around. I was pleased to find a new outlet- Aromas. It has a branch in Hiranandani Powai and serves good food and coffee. It was an extremely tiring day/night and for the first time KC fell asleep before me.

We had also gone for Italian dinner to Spaghetti in Hiranandani Powai. We ordered a pasta and chicken… good food but quite expensive. I thought Little Italy was pricey but this outlet beats it.
Thats about it… month end is done. Nos have been met and I can sleep in peace. Next month is chill… it is the calm before the storm in Jan.

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