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Last Sunday KC and I fought.We are both correct but on opposite sides of the issue. Of course, I would never admit to him that he is right. He has been playing cricket on Saturdays and Sundays which is a good thing. Cricket is the only thing for which he can wake up at 5 am. I know what a big achievement that is since every weekday morning waking him up at even 8 am is a pain. Cricket keeps him fit, happy, in good humour and from cribbing on (most) Monday mornings.

The problem is the cricket time has shifted from 7 am to 12 noon which means he is back only at 5/6 pm. I did not make alternate plans last Sunday and was furious by the time he was back. That’s when I decided to have separate plans on weekend. Why depend on anyone else for a nice weekend? The search on bookmyshow brought me to SeekSherpa. They provide tours by locals. Basically, a local who is passionate and knowledgeable about the city takes a group of 8 or less people for a tour of a particular location. I paid Rs 400 for a tour of Humayun’s Tomb for 7.30 am today. I wanted to attend my yoga class at 12 noon and so early morning suited me. By chance KC’s match got cancelled and he decided to accompany me. We met Sherpa Medha- a student of economics at DU who has been in Delhi for 8 years now and loves history. There were 5 other people with us at that hour. The advantage of going this early is that there are no crowds and you can explore the place at leisure. On the downside, it was freaking cold but there is nothing like being out and about early mornings on winters.

This was my 3rd visit to Humayun’s tomb and it is my favourite monument. I was very disappointed with Taj Mahal when we visited few years back. It just seems over hyped. Now, Humayun’s tomb is a real a beauty and Shah Jahan was inspired by it while building Taj Mahal. You can read about my first visit to this place here on my old blog. Pics are missing though, I don’t know why.

Medha isn’t like a regular guide who will rattle off dates and events. She is someone who reads history, has researched about Humayun’s tomb and has the passion to find out everything. Everytime we visit a historical place we just take it for granted that all the information is available. Today I realized that history is unreliable and sources available are so less. For example, there is a tomb of Bu Halima in the complex of Humayun’s tomb and nobody knows who she is. Strange, right? And a lot of historical sites cannot be restored because there is no document mentioning what materials were used and how the site was made.

There is so much we don’t know. And there is so much left to know.

I had a great time. This tour has opened up a whole new world for me. I love Delhi, specially because it is so rich in history. You can drive down any road and remnants of history are present in the form of monuments.

Seek Sherpa also conducts food tours and I will be attending one such tour in the 1st week of Jan at Old Delhi. That is another item on my bucket list- explore food at Old Delhi. And hopefully, I will be attending these tours every weekend. I want to see every nook and corner of Delhi.

It is a fact that locals know the least about their own city. Like, I can tell you food places/entertainment options in A’bad but ask me about the history and I draw a blank. I have lived there for 6 years and I don’t know anything. And I doubt any of my Delhi friends have explored the city. Sure, they know the roads… markets… malls… food places but ask them about Chandni Chowk/Red Fort etc and they won’t remember a thing.

Here are some pictures…

No… that is not Humayun’s tomb. It is another tomb in the same complex.


Beautiful morning.


And that is Humayun’s tomb.




The view from the top.



First rays of sunlight. A cold and foggy morning. That is KC in the red hoodie.


How beautiful is the ceiling inside the tomb?



All the doors inside are parallel to each other. I did not notice this till Medha pointed it out. Amazing detailing in the construction of this monument.



Superb day. Now to make the weekend super duper great by running 14/15 km tomorrow. Good night folks.

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