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I started taking pictures of myself near naked in January 2014… maybe earlier but my folder has earliest pictures from that month. Everytime I feel like am not making progress or am stagnant, I go back to those pictures and see how far I have come. It has been 2 years with lots of ups and downs… more downs than ups but as long as I am better it’s all good. 1-2 years more and I could actually be one of those progress stories on instagram.

My new goal isn’t to lose weight. Ok, it is. Not to look good but to improve my running performance. I know people who have lost 5-6 kgs and automatically improved their running pace. The lesser weight/fat I carry the more it will help me move faster.

On the eve of 2016 I have started thinking about my New Year resolutions. Whether I ultimately meet them or not, I like to plan how the next year is supposed to pan out. Right now, at this very moment, I am excited… about running, weight training, getting fitter, the new project at work, the trips we are going to take, the friends am going to meet, the books I am going read, the movies that am going to enjoy and new skills that am going to learn.

But am digressing, if you are going to start or have started on your fitness journey, the first step is to take pictures of yourself naked.

Delete them from the phone to avoid any embarrassment. Save them on the laptop or cloud

Take a picture every week or fortnight or month and track your progress. Nothing will give you a better indicator of where you were and how far you have come. Measurement sheets may go missing, BMA machine readings vary with different machines, the weighing scale does not tell even 10% of the real story but pictures are the best and most reliable way.


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