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Its official… I hope there are no more sequels to this.
I was soooo looking forward to it and it has totally let me down.
Here are the details… WARNING: Movie spoilers ahead:
  • The movie has little meat… as in hardly any story. More time has been devoted to the Abu Dhabi trip
  • The director does not understand SATC… he has taken the most obvious characteristics and put them here. He does not know how their minds work… and I feel cheated. I feel they have been used to create something horrible
  • After 10 yrs of dating ‘Big’… Carrie would never ever cheat on him. It was the most convenient to do… show her bored with Big… find Aiden and kiss him.
  • Aiden would NEVER EVER EVER EVER cheat on his wife… and thats why he is my fav guy. I wish Carrie would have ended up with him… he is so much better than Big… so much nicer… and gentler… and kinder… and thats why he would never cheat. Showing him initiate the kiss takes the blame off Carrie… BUT Aiden would never do that
  • Samantha maybe a slut… but she has class. The way she was shown acting in Abu Dhabi was demeaning.
  • I didn’t get to see enough of Harry and Steve. Why were the husbands side tracked?
  • The fashion was disappointing. It was made TOO obvious
  • I wanted to cry when I saw how women of Abu Dhabi are portrayed… thats what Hollywood does with India… puts cliches. Sigh. I wish there would have been more research done about UAE and its customs
  • Why did the 4 women agree to this stupid script?

I need to watch re-runs of the series to forget a nightmare of this movie.

Good things don’t last too long.

3 thoughts on “SATC 2

  1. I feel they come up with a better sequel..
    even though i liked it at first go…in hindsight I agree wid u to an extent – there were many things which cud be avoided…cheating on BIG with Aiden shows the conufsion and the moment’s feeling…bt not necessary..
    I missed the husbands too specifically steve..and even stanford 🙁
    Even i was disappointed by Samantha’s portrayal…
    No idea abt Abu Dhabi so cant comment..
    But even after all this I njoyed the movie and the dresses- the lovely newspaper print dress was simply adorable… and a lot more;)

  2. I’m watching the series again too, but still haven’t seen the movie. I’m just delaying it, hoping against hope that I just might like it. Not possible, I know. 🙂

  3. @RT: Agreed… and some dresses were good… but the rest were a nightmare. Remember what Samantha was wearing while singing the song ‘I am a woman’? That dress was crap

    @ Adi: You won’t like it… and yet you will watch it. Thats the pull SATC has.

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