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Hiya… I went shopping to Sarojini Nagar today. I wanted to pick up some good stuff before moving to Mumbai. Bandra’s Linking Road is nothing in front of SN. KC also came along. When he told me he wants to come I was quite apprehensive. I am the kind of person who loves to shop… even window shop and places like SN are heaven for me. RT and I had once window shopped at Brigade Road for 2-3 hours. We didn’t buy anything (couldn’t afford it) but visited every shop in every lane. It was fun. Such trips are anathema for KC. He only shops for brands and cannot last for more than an hour.
So, today I could cover the entire market since KC lost patience after 45 mins. I just bought 1 top, 1 palazzo pants, 1 waistcoat, 1 pair of footwear and 1 purse. I think I will make one more visit to stock up… this time without KC.

1) Palazzo Pants: They are sooo in right now and I wanted to buy one for ages. I bought a sheer pink one in Zara sale but cannot wear it at work since it is very sheer. SN was full of palazzo pants in different materials, designs, prints… too many options. I only bought one but will buy more next time I go there. I love that PP have made a comeback. My parents had bought a pair when they visited South East Asia and I was in the 9th std. I still wear them. Earlier, people said- its too loose… they look weird… Not anymore… now they are in. People- save those out of style clothes… they will make a come back sooner or later. It cost me 300 bucks. In a mall or even in online sales ( they do not cost less than 2500 bucks.

 2) Sheer tops: Again, SN is full of sheer tops. There are so many options and I wanted to pick up more. Next time. This top is ok from the front. Its the back that is full of surprise. The back is made of lace and net. Too sexy. KC was zapped when I wore it… “But… but… thats transparent… ” Me- Arre, I have to wear a slip underneath.. atleast in India. Cost- Rs 200 (after bargaining)

3) I love waistcoats. They can be dressed up for work or dressed down to look sexy. But, it is an addition over regular clothes and I do not like spending 700-1000 bucks over it. This waistcoat is much better than the regular ones since it has to be tied at the back… and is available in various colours. Cost- 400 bucks.

4) I didn’t intend to buy footwear ‘coz I have soooo many… and I don’t like the quality at SN. But, I entered the shop for a look and was hooked by this pair. Colourful and lovely. Cost- Rs 899

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  1. lovely shoes!! i remember the brigade window shopping 🙂
    let’s do it again – we will just carry cash – so that we wont end up stocking 😉

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