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I headed to B’glore over the weekend. It was very difficult to work on Thursday… I kept thinking about the flight on Friday. I am very bad with packing… usually, end up packing too much.

Here is the excess that was packed:
  • All the clothes I bought in Globus… to show KC. I don’t have the patience to wait for a week when he comes home
  • An extra pair of formal footwear since I had to go to office on Monday morning from the airport
  • Extra pair of formals… incase I am not in the mood to wear what I plan to wear
  • Extra pair of casuals… incase I am not in the mood to wear what I plan to wear
  • Jewellery… even though I will wear only 2-3 pairs of earrings
  • Toiletries… I prefer to stick to my preferred brands and don’t like sharing KC’s… though he is free to share mine
  • CDs with all the downloaded “stuff”.. for KC
  • 3 flavours of Smint… lemon is my fav

You get the picture.

KC and I rushed to 13th floor on Friday night to meet Dhruv. We met after 6 months (Dhruv and me… not KC and me). Unfortunately, it was dry weekend and 13th floor was closed. We had an Italian dinner at a restaurant on the same floor. It was fun… I missed Abhinav a lot. It is so strange… three of us are in different regions again.
I headed to RT’s home on Sat while KC was at work. We chatted lazily in her room. Appu joined us for lunch. The plan was to go to Medichee (hope I spelt it right) but it was closed (damn.. the dry weekend). We had no option but to go to ‘100 feet’… very expensive and not so great. KC joined us for lunch. And then… it was shopping time.
I wanted to watch ‘LSD’ but KC was exhausted… or maybe he wanted to watch the match. For dinner he took me to a chettinad restaurant. I was super excited about eating sambhar rice… the sambhar is Mumbai is so pathetic… it is sweet and tastes like piss. I craved for some authentic sambhar. The sambhar cooked in the cafeteria of Taj Coromandel is the best I have had… they add loads and loads of baby onions. Yum!!! It is almost orgasmic.
Anyway… the restaurant had run out of rice. I was devastated… we inquired at Nandini, they refused to deliver if the bill was less than 200 bucks… and sambhar rice costs only 38 bucks. I ordered food worth 200 bucks and viola, had my fill of sambhar.
The next night I wanted to eat sambhar rice again. The chettinad restaurant didn’t have sambhar. I convinced them to give me “tiffin sambhar” (sambhar served with idli/dosa) with rice. Yum, again!!!
Guess, whats for dinner tonight? Sambhar rice… πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Sambhar Rice

  1. That’s not fair. You have to publish whatever reasonable is scribbled here. It was supposed to make everybody laugh, not humiliate you. Take it with a pinch of salt. Not the piss, my comment I mean.

  2. Its medici (i finally lunched there on friday wid sis- it was fine- food was ok ambience and serving etc was great!)
    I liked 100′ food! πŸ™
    i hate to confess – but chennai southindian food is way better than bangalore’s!! so sambhar/rasam/idli/dosa is better over there!!

  3. @ Anonymous: Don’t be rude here
    @ RT: Nice… Your pasta was good… KC had eaten it for dinner also so didnt like it much… Appu and my pasta was not too great. We were wondering if it should be sent back but decided to eat it anyway

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