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It is that time of the year again… sale time and if you don’t buy now, you will have to wait till next Jan.
I take full advantage of sales ‘coz paying full money later does not make sense. Also, I am able to afford high street brands during sale. Below is my view and pointers on the sale at various stores:

  • Mango: I hate this outlet during sale… On a normal day, I cannot afford it and during the sale I get to see all kinds of crap… crap that have not been here during the year. Its like they bring back stuff from Sarojini Nagar and sell it at higher prices. I hate the merchandising… everything is cluttered and if someone is not careful they could end up buying damaged clothes. I always avoid entering this store during a sale. It makes Reliance Trends look classy.
  • Zara: I always look forward to this sale. In Jan, I visited 2-3 stores and purchased as much as I could…. have not regretted that. I was reading online how sales have started around the world and there was a rumour that the sale started on 1st July’12. I actually went on 2nd to check it out but there was no sale… it started last Friday. It was too crowded over the weekend and I could barely check out stuff…. the 2nd visit was on a weekday and I picked up jeans and tees. I wanted white tees with a different cut and style. There was a nice dress also but I did not buy it. Most of the stuff has been sold off. I may visit the Vasant Kunj/Saket store tomorrow. Good stuff but still pricey. Only tees are priced at 1000 bucks… the cheapest jeans are 1800 bucks… and dresses are above 2k. I have been a blazer for months and had decided to buy it during the sale…. the discount was a measly 600 bucks… unaffordable even in sale.
  • Promod: I love this store during a sale. I do not purchase on a regular day ‘coz it is pricey- nothing below 2400 bucks. But during the sale, its great. In Jan, the leftovers were further marked down 2 weeks into the sale. I managed to buy stuff for even 500 bucks marked down from 2000 bucks. Of course, it also means that an item bought at a higher price maybe available a week later at further discount. I must have visited this store atleast 3-4 times in Jan. This time I picked up a tunic, top, baggy jeans, a bag and blazer. The blazer was a steal… it is exactly the same as Zara but half the price. I wanted a bright color but it was available in lime yellow and brown. I picked up yellow… red/pink would have been most preferable… but… beggars cannot be choosers
  • Esprit: The sign outside says 60% off… I could not find anything at that price. Everything is so damn pricey… I never buy from here anymore.
  • Inglot: I rushed to the store on Saturday night only to realize that the sale is running online only. Buy 3 eyeshadows at Rs 1250, 25% off on foundation/concealer, buy 3 sleep lip gloss at Rs 1250 and Buy 3 nail paints at Rs 1650. Here:
  • La Senza: They generally have a sale – Buy 3 for “X” amount… I purchased my yearly quota of lingerie . Each piece costs me atleast 600-700 bucks of a premium brand in a regular store… in the sale I purchased 3 for 2k which works out to the same amount but is of La Senza.
  • Allen Solly/Van Heusen: Have not yet checked these out but they are on my list this weekend. I love their clothes… but their dresses are pricey.
So, please make the most of the sales. It is like a treasure hunt.

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