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Why do they have sale during month end? People must broke everywhere. They should begin sales on the last day of the month. I have been dying to shop but my bank balance deterred me. I decided to atleast check out the sales… decide what to purchase and buy it next week if the stocks last.

Here is a review of the sales:
  • Westside: Thumbs down… horrible stuff… very selected stuff on sale… They have very limited range… For example, I was searching for table covers and this store has very very few designs. Why be a jack of all trades and master of none? Westside quality is also pathetic
  • Pantaloons: It is better than Westside… but not good enough. There are good discounts on tracks, tees and shorts of Ajile. The formals are ok kinds…
  • Shoppers Stop: No sale right now
  • Nike: The quality of tee shirts is bad… you can get better tees at the roadside vendors. The tracks are unaffordable even at sale price. Thumbs down
  • Adidas: They barely have stuff in the store…
  • Reebok: Out of the 3 (Nike, Adidas and Reebok) Reebok is the only one which has really evolved. They have separate stores for women and kids wear. The clothes have innovative style, good fit and quality. The sale has affordable stuff
  • Puma: 60% off is what attracted me to this store. The stuff is ok… but KC did find good tracks
  • Lifestyle: This is the best…. the discounts are good… and there is loads to pick from. Hands up for this one.
  • Crossword: I received a mailer announcing a sale on everything. I was so excited… but all my hopes were dashed. There was the usual stuff which has been discounted for a month now

My shopping behaviour is very unpredictable… KC kept urging me to buy something… he was ready to pay… I turned him down (he is the luckiest guy on earth to have me 🙂 ). There are times when the purchase is completely impulse… others times it is planned… and yet there are times when I plan to buy but don’t. Like this time… window shopping was enough. I am not sure if I will make the effort to go shopping next week.

Lets see what happens.
A lot of chains are entering furniture business ‘coz of high margins… Fabindia has a few items… Shoppers Stop Malad has an entire floor for furniture which is very very good… the 1st floor in Reliance Digital, Vashi has started Reliance Living with very affordable furniture… Big bazar and Hypercity always had furniture but of very cheap quality.

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