Saheb Biwi aur Gangster

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Lack of any other options and good reviews made us watch it on Friday night. It is supposed to be inspired by Sahib Biwi and Ghulam. I have not watched it so cannot compare.

Jimmy Shergill is the Saheb… he has respect as a royal but no money. He is involved in illegal activities for the money… Biwi is Mahi Gill who is mentally unstable made worse by her husband’s infidelity… Randeep Hooda is the gangster who has been hired by a rival to spy on Saheb. It goes the usual route… he and Mahi have a torrid affair and manage to get rid of Saheb’s mistress. Instead of eliminating Saheb and marrying him, Mahi Gill and Saheb get together.
The end is predictable… Randeep is killed by Mahi… Saheb becomes paralyzed and Mahi takes over.
The story is predictable towards the end and spoils the fun… all 3 have acted well… Mahi needs a makeover… she can look good but the dinosaur age make up doesn’t help… Jimmy is awesome.

4 thoughts on “Saheb Biwi aur Gangster

  1. @ Anonymous: Me too… she is a good actress but may end up in a rut.. and she cannot carry off the sleaziness ‘coz she ain’t so good looking

    @ Anita: Plz do so

    @ KC: Umm… exactly. The make up should have been toned down and a natural look given instead of the over done look.

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