Saat Khoon Maaf: Garama garam review

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I planned to watch this movie last night and then decided against it ‘coz I was feeling too lazy.

KC is not here and I watched it alone.
Everyone already knows the story- Priyanka Chopra marries 6 men and kills each of them. She gets away with the murder. The movie is based on a short story by Ruskin Bond and gives it due credit.
Spoilers ahead:
Husband no 1: Neil Nitish Mukesh. I think maximum time has been given to the first story. All the characters have been introduced and it was important to establish why Sussane (PC) killed and where she got the strength from. Neil is an army major who is jealous, possessive with an evil streak.
Husband no 2: Enter John Abraham… arch nemesis of hubby no 1. A singer who takes away Sussane breath. But… he steals songs, becomes famous and gets into drugs. He is bumped off through heroin overdose
Husband no 3: Enter Irfan Khan… an amazing poet. Sussane changes her religion to marry him. But… he turns a beast in bed… raping, beating and hurting her. He is buried alive in the snow.
Husband no 4: Enter some Russian actor… he has another wife and kids in Russia… he is sent to a well full of poisonous snakes.
Husband no 5: Annu Kapoor… he is a police officer who realizes Sussane has killed the previous husband. He gets her free in exchange for sex… and then wants to marry her. He is bumped off through poison
Husband no 6: Enter Nasseruddin Shah… he saves her life when she tries to commit suicide out of loneliness. He then tries to kill her so he can take her money. But, she kills him first.
My likes:
  • Loved Vivaan… Nasser’s son. What an amazing actor… he is just a teenager but plays the part of a married adult damn well. Vishal has picked well… very few directors would make a newcomer the narrator and give him as much screen/voice time as PC
  • PC is damn good… I can’t think of any other actress who could have played the role soooo well
  • There are many love scenes and well shot
  • Annu Kapoor’s orgasm wala scene is amazingly done…gives competition to Meg Ryan’s scene in When Harry met Sally
  • There is a scene in which John Abraham is nude with only a guitar and PC is wearing clothes. Signs of changing times… women want to see nudity too
  • I love how Vishal adapts movies… unlike other directors who blindly copy anything… he is a thinker. I am glad there is atleast one director who is making such movies and bringing something new to the audience
What I didn’t like:
  • The movie is not scary… I do understand that Vishal tried to put humour so it can appeal to one and all…. but I wish he had given it the Ram Gopal Verma touch… maybe made it thrilling. He could have shown PC committing the murders…. that would have made her scary
  • The end is a bore and unexpected. The tension built up in the beginning just fizzles out
  • There should have been some relationship between Vivaan and PC. I mean… he has a crush on her throughout and does not take it forward? Strange
Don’t miss it for the world.

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