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I need to document today’s run because it has been my fastest 4 km, fastest 5 km, fastest 6 km and fastest 7 km. And I don’t even know how or why. I am doing something right but I don’t know what. When I saw 26 mins on my Tom Tom watch at 4 km, I could not believe it. But there was no error. The distance on the watch matched with the km marker on the road. By the time I finished 6 km, I realised I could try and finish 7 km in 45 mins which is fantastic because my fastest 6 km was in 44 mins last year.

I am very psyched to have run 7 km in 44 mins 15 secs at an average pace of 6:16 min/km. My normal pace is 7:30 min/km. This is so fantastic that am actually going to try and do nothing today.

What am I doing right:

  • Focusing only on short distances. My longest distance will be 10 km for the next few months
  • Lots and lots of speed runs- tempo and interval runs atleast once every week
  • Hill repeats – every week.
  • Maybe the recent fat loss has helped. Since am carrying less weight, I need lesser energy to run and that is making me faster.
  • I registered (not really. I ran without a bib and for free) for the run with the goal of running my fastest 7 km. I didn’t have a specific timing target in mind though. Maybe I just had to make up my mind and do it. Maybe that is how simple it is.

Ciao. I am going to fall asleep watching Will and Grace now.

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