Running goals for 2016

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The buzz word for 2016 is ‘consistency’.

Here are the goals for 2016:

  • Run 4 days a week
  • 1 long run and 3 short runs
  • Short runs will include 1 speed workout, 1 hill repeat (Bio D or Ghata) and 1 easy run
  • Run atleast 25-30 km every week
  • Run atleast 100 km every month
  • Run atleast 1200 km in 2016
  • Travel to different cities for runs- Rishikesh, Corbett, Shimla, Goa (!), Bangalore (!), Pondicherry (!) to keep things interesting
  • Run on roads and on tracks/trails to become stronger
  • Become faster
  • Lose a few kilos to become faster

I am going to focus on short distances and becoming faster in 2016 instead of longer distances. Long distances burn muscles and don’t contribute to fitness while shorter but faster runs have immense health benefits.

I have also started looking at my heart rate and strides/minute but more than on that later.

And most importantly, keep it simple, fun and interesting.

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