Rome – Arrival

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It is 11 Pm and we have just reached the apartment. This is the first time am taking public transport on an international trip…. Actually, 2nd time since I did that in New York too. From the airport to the apartment, we have probably covered most of Rome already.

Just a few thoughts before I drop dead:

– The apartment is quite nice, away from the sightseeing areas and in a quiet neighbourhood 

– We have spoken more Hindi than English till now because there are a lot of Bangladeshis and Punjabis here. I feel like am still in NCR 

– There seems to be no nightlife. Friday night at 10 pm the streets were deserted and there were few people around. Again, feels like NCR

– The residential buildings all look the same from outside – ugly. There are no names on the apartments and we spent 30 mins walking around looking for our building. There was nobody we could ask because the roads were empty. When we did find it, we realised the odd numbered and even numbered buildings are located separately. Which moron came up with that system? 

– Food and transport is cheap. 3 euros for a slice of pizza which is the size of a small pizza in India. We paid 1.5 euros per head for bus from termini to our stop 20 mins away

– The airport is an hour away from Rome. It’s a good thing we are taking the train to Naples, Milan and Florence instead of flights

– Seeing daylight at 9 pm is so weird. How do people know it’s time for dinner and bed? Though more time to run so that’s good

– The weather right now = Banglore type weather. And we all know, Banglore has the best weather. 

Ciao. It is 2.30 am in India and I really need to sleep. 

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