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The reason this review is so late is because everyone has already said everything about it. I will now give my views on it.

While deciding whether to watch it or not, I found the reviews very confusing. They said positive and negative… nobody told me if I should watch it or not. We went for it last weekend.
Rockstar is not a movie about a guy becoming a rockstar… it is a movie about him falling in love, getting his heart broken, finding the love again, losing it… finding it again and then losing it finally. Thats the kernel. Music and stardom are the shells. Ranbir as the “Rockstar” is fab… I loved his North Delhi guy’s typical accent and dressing. It is on spot. The accent does not change throughout… just ‘coz he becomes famous his language does not get refined. Ranbir is a natural and I don’t think he has ever acted in a “bad” movie till date.
Nargis is torture… she cannot act… it is as artificial as Amisha Patel, Aishwarya, Katrina- in the beginning of her career. Her voice is dubbed by the same female who dubs for Katrina. I found her pout very, very, very irritating. I have not come across any females with such a prominent pout in my day to day life. It has obviously been surgically enhanced.
Imtiaz Ali has a thing for firangs… a role which can be performed well by an Indian is given to firangs. I have nothing against them… but they need to be able to dance, act and speak the language, atleast.
Music grows on you. I did not like the songs when I saw them on TV but after watching the movie, I love them.
Watch it… once… for Ranbir.. for the music… for Imtiaz Ali.
It had potential to be a great movie but ends up in Bollywood cliches.

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