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I have a Vodafone no in Mumbai… I do not like the Airtel customer service centers. The other players are not in my consideration set. In the first bill they charged Rs 60 extra for GPRS. I had activated GPRS for a rental of 200 bucks per month. Usage charges are per KB. And then shifted to 499 plan which gives me 500 MB free. I was charged for usage and the rental. After being on the phone with call center for an hour without a solution I visited the Vodafone store. Within an hour I received a call confirming that the excess amount will be refunded.
I shifted to the 699 plan which gives me 1 GB free. In the second bill I have been charged 499+699= 1198. I called call center (again). They accepted the mistake and put in a request. I received a sms with a request no and information that they would call back by Wednesday. Thankfully, I didn’t delete the message ‘coz no call came.
I visited the Vodafone store today. The executive gave me a blank look… then he darted around looking for help. It seemed like they picked up the next guy from the street and gave him the job. Person 1 tells me; “You didn’t activate the previous service.. so you have been charged for both”.
Me: Don’t talk crap. I have used GPRS for a year now… there is no such criteria… give me my money back
Person 2: You will be charged the entire rental even if you use for a day
Me: Show it to me in writing and I will believe you… There is no such funda.
Then the Manager checked out the request no and confirmed that the amount will be reversed in my next bill.

What if I had believed the crap they tried to feed me??? Would I get my money back? Are these companies ripping off our money and lying so blatantly?

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  1. Its too complicated for me to even try!
    Its simple funda – if you can do it!(fool people) or i guess its mostly ignorance and hence your inference is correct- they pick people at random to give job.

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