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Another masterpiece from Shashi Tharoor… not at the level of ‘The Great Indian Novel’ but much better than ‘Show Business’.

It is the story of an American lady who comes to India to work with a NGO in a small town of UP as her research project. She gets killed in a riot. Her family comes to the town to figure out how she died. I loved the beginning… with newspaper reports on her death… the story moves forward through the diaries of various people. The only let down was the fact that the reason of the death was pretty simple. I mean, after all the build up… there should have been something surprising.
But worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Riot

  1. I have a crush on this man since a loong long time. Is it creepy that he looks a lot like my dad 🙂

    Unfortunately I havent read any of his books. Will rectify this terrible mistake at once

  2. I got to know about his existence after the whole twitter scandal…was very surprised when he married that lady… none of our politicians would dare do that. Very admirable.
    You have to read ‘The Great Indian Novel’… excellent book.

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