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Hiya… this week has been slow… less hectic… more laidback… I gave myself sometime.

But lemme talk I most comfy with… in bullet points:
  • KC was gone for 2 nights… he was supposed to be back after 1 night but his stay got extended. I had a hard time falling asleep… thinking about Paranormal Activity part 1. When he left home at 4.30 am, I told myself “Now I am alone… if there is something, it will happen now”. Nothing did. I should have been convinced but… I didn’t find PR 2 as scary… PR 1 is what gives me nightmares
  • I broke into my new Allen Solly red colored jeans. I bought it for 50% off on Love the buy… so worth it. I have bought skinny jeans after a very long time. Thank god, it fit perfectly.
  • My left foot had been aching for the last 2-3 days. Strangely, I didn’t feel the pain in the gym or Jazz class. It was always in the morning. Yesterday, I could not even put my foot on the floor. I limped my way throughout the day. The thought of going to the doc crossed my mind but I remembered the last experience. I had a skin infection, the doc gave me 99% guarantee that it is incurable but she needs to do a biopsy. I was charged 2500 bucks after which she said that it is curable and I just need to apply ointment. Next time, I will go to a hospital in Gurgaon when I am on my death bed
  • Lesson learned today- Do not wear heels when your left foot is aching. Fashion can kill
  • We went for dinner to Ambience Mall. The soup and starters- dimsums were at restaurant ‘Dimsum’… and main course and dinner was at Kobe Sizzlers. KC was about to pay without checking the bill but I always check the bill, just to know how much we have spent. I was shocked to be charged for 2 main courses. The waiter was called for and he rectified it. We would have overpaid by 300 bucks. Checking the bill specially at retail chains has become a habit. Twice I have been charged extra or charged for a 1+1 promo. Since my work involves dealing with chains, I know how screwed up they are. Once there was a 1+1 promo running at 50% off which means, on buying 1 unit of a product you get another free and are charged only 50% of the value.
  • I baked muffins today- jam filled muffins. The recipe was taken from Anita’s blog. I share the pics tomorrow. Finally… next I want to try cupcakes with cheese frosting. I had them at Choco La (priced at 95 bucks each) and sooooo yummy… Cheese frosting is not sweet or sour… it balances out the sweetness of cupcakes.
Thats about it… more updates on books read and movies watched.

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  1. > Once there was a 1+1 promo running at 50% off which means, on buying 1 unit of a product you get another free and are charged only 50% of the value.

    Did not get this, did you leave it half way?

    • No No. I meant, when the offer is 1+1 on the bill you will get 50% off. The chains have different ways of billing a promotion. In short, check your bill every single time you shop/pay money.

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