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I have been using whey protein for the last 2 months and the results are in. This is what my muscle mass looks like:



What does it mean?

– On an average I was gaining 0.2 kg/month till May which was very frustrating because I had to gain 2-3 kg of muscles. But June-July I have gained 1 kg which is super awesome. It is almost 3 times the earlier weight gain.

How did this happen?

– I have been taking Endura whey protein because it was the cheapest on with very good reviews. I did not want to spend 2k on trying something new. I have been taking it religiously after my workout – once or twice in a day. Most days I workout twice and blend 1 scoop in 1 glass of milk. For the last 1 month I have been adding it to my mango shake. Yummy!!

– I have been going to the gym regularly and lifting weights. Each workout is atleast 30 mins but never more than 45 mins. I try and push myself further each time… by either increasing the weight or maybe increasing the rep.

– I have also started having Muscle Blaze protein bar before my workout. I purchased it on 50 gm of 1 bar costs 90 bucks and contains 20.5 gm of protein. Earlier I would have a banana to fuel my workout but this could be a problem because bananas spoil very fast, they cannot be kept for more than 2 days, I cannot even carry one to office since it becomes soggy by evening and the fruit seller outside my house does not get it before 7.30 am in the morning while I leave for my workout around 6.30 and prefer to have it around that time. The protein bar is not too sweet but is chocolate covered. It does not taste too great but thats ok. I generally have half a bar before my morning workout and the rest before evening workout. Since it has 242 calories I prefer not to have 2 bars in one day. Plus half bar is enough for 60 mins workout.

– And the most important thing- my diet. I have started having either fish or chicken at every meal along with vegetable soup. Sometimes I have soya beans instead of animal protein. This is the most important part. All the above are useless if my diet does not contain protein.

I am super happy with the results. Finally, I have cracked it. Thank you APC for all the support and advice. It has helped. You were right. Whey does help… a lot.

The bad news- my fat weight is the same since May. This could be because I did not eat right in June. There were too many birthdays- KC’s and mine. It could also be because I got the BMA done in the evening right after eating something. I might get one done this weekend to verify the results.

I am planning to do a post on my daily workouts in the gym. Hopefully, this weekend.

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