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Hey people…. I have been meaning to blog about the recent restaurant visits but have not had the time:

Punjabi by Nature: On my b’day we went to this place for lunch. It is in DLF Cybercity in one of the office buildings. I had heard a lot about it and was excited. We ordered for Galouti Kebab and some chicken gravy dish. The kebabs were huge… 8 huge pieces… we could finish only half of it. Somehow, I still prefer the galouti kebabs in Great Kebab Factory. The chicken dish was sort of sweet and good but I had wanted to eat something spicy. We finished off with a gulab jamun… again, HUGE. The meal was ok kinds… not bad, but not rave worthy. It cost us 1500 bucks. I wish they would have given smaller servings (for a lesser price, of course). Only a group of 3-4 people could have finished the food.
Barrique: It is located opposite to Punjabi by Nature. It was empty on a Sunday night.. maybe ‘coz Gurgaon people do not venture around the office areas on weekends. We ordered a stuffed mushroom and veg lasagne. The lasagne was better than the one at Earth lounge but not Little Italy. The lasagne in Little Italy does not have veggies… only spinach, tomato sauce and cheese.
Pretty ok place.
Pind Balluchi: KC and I met up for lunch on the weekday at this restaurant. We ordered a chicken gravy and rotis. It cost us only 200 bucks. Not kidding… the food was delicious. We will be going there more often.
Kobe Sizzlers: I have been to Andheri East outlet couple of times and liked it. The one at Ambience Mall is the black sheep. The food was the same… but chairs were dirty and the place had a weird smell. Not a good place.

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